Date & Time

June-October 2016


Takoma Park, MD + Takoma Neighborhood of Washington, DC




reCYCLE Public Art Project

reCYCLE is Takoma’s favorite annual public art project. Each year, the Old Takoma Business Association commissions artists to create imaginative outdoor sculptures made from a portion of recycled materials which are installed along the sidewalks creating a self-guided walking tour of Takoma – from Takoma Park, MD to the Takoma neighborhood of Washington, DC  – with the goal of attracting and engaging visitors. Seats are installed June-October each year and then auctioned off to the public.

Online Auction – Starts Monday, October 17th

You can own your own Seat! Participate in our online auction, and one of them can be yours to enjoy in your yard or a favorite community space. All proceeds go to public art for Takoma! Don’t miss out on the chance to own a one-of-a-kind piece of art! Click here for the auction. Auction ends October 31st at noon (12 pm)

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1. “Flower Power” by Juana Beverly
The Spice Suite, 6902 4th Street, NW

2. “Doubled Over Bass” by Howard Connelly Design (From 2015, not for sale)
Takoma Station Tavern, 6914 4th Street, NW

3. “Glassitopia” by Gravity Glass Studio
Takoma Central, 235 Carroll Street, NW

4. “Tessellation Bench” by  Forty Third Place
Rhizome, 6950 Maple Street, NW

5. “Man with a Red Heart” by Peter Krsko
Takoma Business Center, 6930 Carroll Avenue

6. “Frozen Water” by Peter Krsko
6918 Willow Street, corner of Willow and Maple

7. “Takoma Roost” by Juana Beverly
Carroll and Laurel Avenues

8. “Hangin’ Out Takoma-Style,” by Joyce Wagner
Dolci Gelati, 7000 Carroll Avenue

9. “Wheelie Motorcycle,” by Howard Connelly Design (from 2015, not for sale)
Republic, 6939 Laurel Avenue

10. “Chatting with Anita,” by Friends of Anita Datar
Gazebo, 7035 Carroll Avenue

11. “Bench Botanical,” by Becky Borlan
Gazebo, 7035 Carroll Avenue

12. “Surfing the Fields,” by Juliana Vellejo and Becky Suter
Capital City Cheesecake, 7071 Carroll Avenue

13. “Seat Dreams,” by Nancy and Andrew Gurganus
201 Ethan Allen Avenue at TPSS Co-op

14.  “Help Yourself” by Blake Sloane (from 2015, not for sale)
Spring Mill Bread Co, 7300 Carroll Avenue

15. “Bird Seat” by Howard Connelly Design
By Morrison Park